Real Fresh

Saturday, June 6, 2009

can't get out of bed

I can haz smoothie?

The urge to just lay around and do absolutely nothing is overwhelming. Self-motivation is hard.

So last night was a reunion of sorts among old high school pals. It was really interesting to discover that despite our angsty need to leave Louisiana during middle school and high school, everyone was glad to be back. And although, nobody really planned on staying here for a long period of time, Lafayette was still home. I suppose it's simply being in a right state of mind. Leaving Lafayette and seeing it from an outside perspective definitely does make the heart grow fonder. Goddamn saying. Can't believe it makes sense >.<

On another note, WHO WANTS TO SEE THE GERMS?! Yea yea yea yea!!!!!

Oh, I joined another internet run social network:
This just feeds my love for numbers and statistics. I am a geek.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I take it all back.  Everything.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Definite songs for this summer:

1.) Shaggy's "Luv Me Luv Me"
2.) Crystal Castles "Courtship Dating"
3.) Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy With It" (interspersed with the Men In Black theme)
4.) Len's "If You Steal My Sunshine"
5.) To be determined..

I have about 2 hours before work and I can't stop youtubing old videos. Maybe for my next car, I'll get a convertible so I can blast bad/good music as loud as my little heart wants. Oh, for those who do not know, I totaled my car. It is gone and it has left me without transportation. If not for my amazing friends, I would be STUCK. Things are alright though. I'm craving a pool, some ice cold lemonade, herbal refreshments, good music, and my besties.

Keep asking myself what I'm doing with my life, but I think I'm content with just figuring out my present situation. Why rush?

Anybody know how to bake a cake for a cat? As in, edible for cats? KARTOSHKA IS TURNING ONE!!!! What a cat.

"A photo essay of your mouth.."

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Stagnant waters have finally come to life and plans and thoughts are back in motion. Let's all go camping more. The realization that I am growing older was conflicting with my current lifestyle choices and I needed a break to process. I got it.

If I could have slightly more leisure time, life would be a ball.

I'm also partaking in a raw diet starting this Monday for just a month. Time for a purge. But I'm not giving up raw fish. Oh hellllll no.

I grow continuously amazed at how much our lives revolve around the service industry. How exactly would your day-to-day routine change if each and every single individual was not employed by their meager wages to wait on you. Kind of creepy how we place so much trust in an establishment and even creepier that the service is normally guaranteed. You can have a pizza delivered to you in less than 30 minutes, but your greatest friend can't fulfill a promise. And what exactly is the basis of both of these transactions? Money vs. mutual or what is seemingly mutual amicability. What the hell is wrong with this situation. Aren't values a bit askew here?

Aside from that, the restaurant business is bizarre. Especially ones run by asians. I am continually amazed at how the management is completely unhinged and unable to grasp their workers point of view. Unfortunate I suppose.

But here's to spring and the soon to be upon us summer. Hello powder koolaid, goodbye cold cold nights.

I miss simpler times.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

!!! ! !

Lafayette, Louisiana. What a weird and wonderful place. Everything is stagnant but moves at a ridiculous pace. b.l.u.r

There are certain things you always carry with you. Physical things: a journal, a sharpie, a wallet, a charm. But then there are the mental things you always keep tucked deep in your pockets. The way the sun sets behind trees reminding you of getting off work in the summer and riding down a hill. Certain songs reminding you of dancing around in your underwear. Certain foods trigger memories of binge eating and laughing hysterically at the fact that you're eating so much. Bubble baths, colored water, rubber frogs. Catch phrases, oversized sweaters, burritos. Stick shift, apples, xmas trees. Then there comes a morning when you wake up and realize that they're tucked away for a reason and that you don't quite remember the feelings they used to give you. You change and you grow. The nostalgia lessens, faces fade, and you're left feeling a little gray. But who says gray isn't a good canvas to work on? That's also my favorite color! That's gotta mean something. Mmmmmm. Just a feeling of contentment. A settling of sorts.

Yea Dude!

Talking to yourself is definitely therapeutic. Oh, Blogosphere.

Blah Blah Blah